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Stone Breaker Compound

Herb Pharm Stone BreakerWhat Are Stone Breakers?

Stone breaking compounds are herbal remedies that have succeeded where modern medicine has not in a large number of reported cases.  Their active ingredient is chanca piedra.  Many people have found a few drops taken with water to dissolve kidney stones, these remedies are also often taken periodically to prevent the formation of new stones with reported positive results.

Herb Pharm Stone Breaker (Chanca Piedra) Compound

Stone Breaker Compound (chanca piedra) by Herb Pharm has great reviews from around the world.  The product features extract from the Stonebreaker herb (Phyllanthus niruri) together with celery seed, Hydrangea root and Burdock seed.  The compound is 100% organic and comes in a 1fluid ounce bottle.

This and other products with similar ingredients have been responsible for breaking down kidney stones and in some cases gall bladder stones in a very short time.  If you are suffering from kidney stones, you should also be consuming at least half a gallon a day, try a couple of drops in a large glass of water, some people also swear by adding some lemon juice to the concoction.

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All the ingredients are naturally dried in the shade and never fumigated or exposed to harmful chemicals.  Be careful to read the instructions completely.  This product is not for women who are pregnant and does contain some alcohol.  Dissolving this is some hot water has been shown to reduce some of the volatility for those sensitive to alcohol based remedies.

Amazon Therapeutic Labs Chanca Piedra

Amazon Therapeutic Labs Chanca PiedraThis is a slightly lower cost alternative to the Herb Pharm product, supplied by one of the leaders in herbal remedies, Amazon Therapeutic Labs.

Amazon Therapeutic labs is a South American company that claims to leverage the knowledge of the indigenous tribes to formulate products that are both completely organic and allow for the financial re-investment in the rainforests.

>> More Information on Chanca Piedra from Amazon Therapeutic Labs <<

These products are both widely available, however please seek professional medical advice for any condition and carefully follow any and all instructions provided by any maker of herbal remedies.

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  2. 14 July 12, 4:44pm

    [...] should be taken to avoid the formation of kidney stones in future.  Steps can include the use of stone breaker compound or a low protein [...]

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